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Catchment area Rheingolf on the Green

Large golf course density in the center of Germany

More than 100 golf courses within a radius of 1.5 hours by car around Langenhagen/Hanover with more than 150,000 golfers

Would you have thought it?

Golfpark Hainhaus is located in the triangle between A2, A7 and A352. It takes only max. 1,5 hours to drive to Bremen, Hamburg, Magdeburg, Bielefeld or Kassel. Even Berlin is not too far away for a day trip to Rheingolf on the Green which you can combine with a round at Golfpark Hainhaus.

Presidents, captains, officials and media representatives are invited

Part of our service to exhibitors is to invite presidents, captains, general managers, officials, VIPs and media representatives from golf courses in the catchment area. All will receive a badge to help our exhibitors recognize these important communicators.

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