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Catchment area Rheingolf on the Green

This is Rheingolfland

200 golf courses within a radius of 1.5 hours by car around Krefeld with more than 150,000 golfers

Would you have thought it?

200 golf courses within 150 km around Krefeld and more than 350 within two hours by car. More than 300,000 golfers in the catchment area - Germany along the Rhine and BeNeLux. The largest density of golf courses in continental Europe.

More than 2,500 presidents, captains, officials and media representatives will be invited

Part of our service to exhibitors is to invite presidents, captains, general managers, officials, VIPs and media representatives from golf courses in the catchment area. All will receive one of the fine "Platinum Cards" (complimentary tickets) and a badge to help our exhibitors recognize these important communicators.

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